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Under the Aspen - Book 1

The ancient Celts believed that aspen trees hold the power to communicate with the next world, and the Harper sisters are putting all their hopes on that ancient legend. 


After being whisked away to Scotland because the Highland air was supposed to help their mother's condition, Bree, Kenzie, and Cassie wound up grieving her death anyway. Now, she is buried beneath a gigantic aspen tree on the ancient property where their mother once lived. 


But there are so many secrets: like why all of a sudden Cassie is getting vivid nightmares or why Bree can suddenly feel the emotions of others or why things keep breaking around Kenzie. The sisters decide to take matters into their own hands, to reach across worlds and get answers from their mother. But when they go to the aspen tree, they find a whole other world than they were expecting.

Coming Soon

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