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The year is 1953. ​From the minute Rich sees Laura across the crowded theater, he knows they are meant to be together. And he vows to prove that to her even as they separately dance their way across the country.

Over the course of several months, the two develop their relationship by letter, revealing themselves word by word until they are able to be together once more.

What starts out as one dance and a handful of letters, turns into a lifetime of memories in this heartwarming story full of love and laughter…and of course, dancing.

Novel, Adult

Literary Fiction / Historical Fiction

Under the Aspen (3).png

After being whisked away to Scotland because the Highland air was supposed to help their mother's condition, the Harper sister wound up grieving her death anyway. Now, she is buried beneath a gigantic aspen tree on the ancient property where their mother once lived. 


But there are so many secrets: like why Cassie is suddenly getting vivid nightmares and Bree can suddenly feel the emotions of others and things keep breaking around Kenzie. The sisters decide to take matters into their own hands, to reach across worlds and get answers from their mother. But when they go to the aspen tree, they find a whole other world than they were expecting.

Novel, YA / NA, Fantasy / Adventure

Short Stories



Temptation. Greed. Betrayal. This is the story of how one man changed the course of history with a single kiss. 

Told from the perspective of the apostle Judas, this is a dark and sinister take on the Passion of Jesus Christ.

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction

Religious Fiction

Newborn Baby




We all know the tale of Snow White, but have you ever considered how the Evil Queen came into the picture? Was she always evil or did certain events perhaps force her onto a darker path?

In this original story, you'll find out one version of what might have happened before the "once upon a time."

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction



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