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About the Author

I'm a writer and editor based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. 

From a young age, my parents fostered a love of reading in me, which blossomed naturally into a love of writing. As far back as second grade, I remember having a program in school where we got to write and "publish" our own books as part of our curriculum. That was when my love of writing began.

Since then, I have written countless short fiction stories and two novels which are currently in the editing phase. I thoroughly enjoy creating characters and exploring the depth of their personalities, so much of my writing is character-driven.


I fancy myself mostly a fiction writer, but recently, I have branched out to blogging and editing. I have always had a love of grammar and felt that professional editing would allow me the opportunity to share that with others.

I live with my husband, three sons, and our dog, Tigger.

I am also an Admin Team member and content editor for Moms Who Write LLC, a group for writer moms to support other writer moms.

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