Under the Aspen – Book 1

YA Fantasy/Adventure

After being whisked away to Scotland because the Highland air was supposed to help their mother's lingering illness, Bree, Kenzie, and Cassie Harper wind up grieving her death anyway. Or so they think.

In the wake of her supposed death (which none of them witnessed), weird things start happening. Bree can feel the emotions of others, Kenzie sends objects flying with her temper, and Cassie has vivid nightmares that are all too real. When an unlikely tutor opens their eyes to the possibility of other realms—magic realms—the sisters discover they're part of a prophecy to rebuild their mother's war-torn land. They must descend through her grave under the aspen tree, where more family secrets await them.

But when Kenzie accidentally passes into the evil laird’s border, Bree and Cassie’s plan shifts: first, save their sister from Mòrag; then, save the realm.

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“I was drawn to your empathy, your genuine caring, the music of your soul.

You were the example of a free spirit I desperately needed.”

“In your arms, there’s an unspoken agreement to contain their chaos.”

"Grief is a trigger-happy gangster doing daily drive-bys around my heart."